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Meet Holly Whitehead: a Different kind of Real Estate Agent. Same Good-old-fashioned values like hard work, honesty, industry knowledge and accountability. Be prepared for a new market currency that includes creativity and doing the very best for her clients. …Going “Above and Beyond”.

Holly Whitehead, a former Surgical Nurse, moved Gulf Shores 2 years ago with her husband Blaine and their son to enjoy this beautiful community and all that it has to offer. She has a passion for being the very best at what she does, and is committed to staying up to date daily in order to make certain each transaction is completed with the utmost professionalism and best results for her clients. After all, my clients are my neighbors, she states.

“Gulf Shores has an eclectic mix of people from different professions, different backgrounds, and no matter who you are or what you are looking for there is something perfect waiting for you -I really believe that.”  ~Holly Whitehead

She’s is originally from Mississippi. At the ripe old age of 3 Holly, who was terribly shy was nudged by Mom to participate in a variety of dance mediums, (and later gymnastics), from tap to ballet in hope of offering Holly the building blocks of a strong sense of confidence and social skills. It worked! From there her life-long love affair with music was born.

Her mother Nancy, an Art Teacher of nearly 40 years, instilled a very strong sense of family and giving back to the community. Her father inspired Holly’s unwavering drive for success and helping others. He was a hard worker, consummate entrepreneur and owned grocery stores, (includeing a successful franchise branch of Piggly Wiggly in Meridian Mississippi).

Holly met Gary Gilpin, the guiding force behind GSRE, many years ago through a mutual friend. So naturally when it came time to purchase a home she reached out to him, and in the course of Gary finding them their perfect Home he picked up on the traits it takes to make an excellent Real estate Agent and in short order Holly was dipping her toe in the water so to speak – pun intended.

Q. Why Real Estate?

A. Because I love being of service and the satisfaction it brings me for a job well done.

Q. What Does It Take To Make A Great Realtor?

A. I have owned 3 homes and had Great experiences with Realtors that were very accommodating, easy to work with; finding the right balance between our needs and wants & offering new ideas I would not have considered which led to the perfect home. I remember an experience I had some years back while selling a home where the realtor was simply not involved, had poor communication, and displayed a lack of urgency. To top it off he had a habit of not calling in advance to show our home which of course left us at a disadvantage when presenting our property. I think that I learned just as much from the not great experience as the great ones...

Q. What Are YOU Committed To?

A. Finding my clients the perfect homes, by asking the right questions, listening to their answers and then rolling up my sleeves and doing the hard work so they don’t have to. Real Estate is stressful but with attention to detail, follow-though and a service first attitude it can still be a rewarding experience for all parties.

Q. Why Gulf Shores?

A. After visiting my father who lived here for 10 years prior I knew there was something special here. Gulf Shores reminds me of a different time when people were neighborly and homes were safe. When good people were the glue and spirit of Great Neighborhoods and built strong Communities with Family values.

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